Reeds and Color - Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park, Maine

New England Fall foliage is renowned for its great colors and attracts visitors from all over the US. The challenge is trying to time your trip. The peak of the foliage is very unpredictable as many factors contribute to when it occurs. Being a New Englander for twenty five years, I have seen it as early as late September and as late as mid-November. Complicating the challenge is that most of the hotels are sold out well in advance so booking a trip is akin to a crapshoot. What affects the timing of foliage? Weather condition is the main determinant of the timing and the intensity of color with temperature and moisture being the most important factors. Is there a way to time it? Yes, but it means moving to New England so you can drive to catch the peak season. This photo, taken in mid-October in Maine, was on a photo tour that I co-hosted with Jeff Clow. We were extremely lucky to be there when the peak foliage in Maine happened.