Flowing Water - Rearguard Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia

After staying in Banff for a week, a few of us headed up to Jasper National Park to experience this lesser known, but equally impressive part of the Canadian Rockies. The town of Jasper is a quieter and less crowded town than Banff, three hours to the south. It provides a great launching spot to explore the national park and also head into British Columbia to experience some terrific Provincial Parks.

One of the spots that we visited in British Columbia was Rearguard Falls. This is only one of two waterfalls that can be found on the 854 miles long Fraser River. This particular part of the river is famous, as it is the spawning ground of one of nature's most impressive migrations, namely the Sockeye Salmon. I think everyone has seen photos of the salmon swimming upstream when millions of salmon start their journey in the Pacific Ocean. On this cold overcast June day, there wasn't any salmon to be seen (they appear in late summer) so I set up where I imagined that the salmon would be leaping out of the water and took several long exposure photos.