Rolling Landscape - Colfax, Washington

Next month, I will be revisiting the Palouse and its amazing landscape. I have been there once before in early June when the rolling landscape was a carpet of green and absolutely fell in love with it. The area has become a mecca for landscape photographers in recent years. The Palouse covers approximately 4,000 square miles in eastern Washington, western Idaho and a small portion of northeastern Oregon, which is slightly smaller than my home state of Connecticut. It is tough to truly measure as there are no signs or boundaries. The best way to determine whether you are in the Palouse is to use your eyes. There is a unique look to the landscape. 

That being said, I have seen photos of the Palouse during harvest time when the landscape has changed from green to harvest brown and I am excited that I might be able to see it during that time. Of course, predicting the time of the harvest is akin to timing a visit to see fall foliage. It always depends on many things, especially the weather that year. I will keep my fingers crossed.