Fog's Retreat

Whaleshead Beach, Brookings, Oregon

Earlier this year, my son Greg and I drove cross country from Connecticut to Oregon. He spent 6 months with friends and will be coming back to the east coast.  I am boarding a plane this morning to Portland and we will be driving back to Connecticut. Looking forward to finishing the return trip.  I will try to periodically post updates on our progress.

This image from Brookings, Oregon is the result of persistence that one needs as a photographer.  We stayed at the Tu Tu' Tun Lodge on the banks of the Rogue River in Gold Beach. It is one of our favorite places to stay and is world renowned. It is about 12 miles from the coast, so when I got up before dawn and checked out the weather, I was disappointed to see fog in the river valley. As I drove to the coast, the fog got worse and worse. I stopped at various beaches and lookouts, but there was nothing to see but white. My first inclination was to head back to the lodge but, after thinking about it, decided to plod on and hope I would find at least one spot where the fog wasn't so bad.

My persistence paid off when I turned onto the access road to Whaleshead Beach in Brookings. There was a small break in the fog where the sun was starting to shine through. The retreating fog was temporary, as it lasted for only 5 minutes, but I was able to get this image before the scene turned white again.