Oxbow Beauty

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

It seems like forever since I last posted on the blog. I am finally home for a while after traveling most of the summer until late last week. Since July, I think I have driven over 8,000 miles while visiting 18 different states and numerous national parks and monuments. It has been quite the adventure.

This last trip was a cross-country drive with my son from Portland, Oregon to Connecticut. I flew into Portland, met my son at the airport and immediately drove to Boise, Idaho where we revisited one of our favorite Triple D restaurants, Bar Gernika. We had another great meal and I highly recommend it. From there we headed to Grand Teton National Park. Even though I had shot there in July, we stopped there as it is one of Greg's favorite parks. This time, I didn't stay in town, but instead stayed at Jackson Lake Lodge.

One of the reasons I wanted to stay at the lodge was that it was only 5 minutes from this location at Oxbow Bend as opposed to a 45-minute drive from Jackson. I was very thankful for the choice when I left the lodge the next morning as the clouds were very thick and I may not have made the drive if I was staying in town. Since I was so close, I took a quick drive and about 15 minutes after setting up, the cloud cover began to clear leaving this beautiful scene. The  morning sunlight gave Mt Moran and it's neighboring peaks a truly great early morning glow.