For Sale - Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

I came across this photo that I took while on Rick Louie's Fall Colorado Tour in 2014. I believe that this was taken near the Million Dollar Highway in the San Juan Mountains just north of Silverton. Of course, the foliage was one of the reasons that I shot it, but it was also the fact that this structure was for sale. Fast forward to now, I decided to see if I could find it and the realtor who had it for sale it. Fortunately, the sign led me to Lorenz Realty out of Durango. I went to their website not expecting to find this spot but there it was (it has been over 3 years since I was there). Turns out that it and the parcel of land that it sits on sold for $95,000. The structure is the tram house that brought ore down from the Silver Ledge mine located further north on Red Mountain Pass. I don't know when it was sold, but it always amazes me how much information you can find online.