Nowhere to Stop - Glacier National Park, Montana

There are times that you see a great view and it is very difficult to get the shot. Improvising is the only way to get it. For those of you who have been on the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, you know that it is the only paved road in the park, and it stretches 50 miles from the west entrance to the east entrance. The road is particularly narrow with two lanes and there are very few pullouts to park along the way. The pullouts are quite small and are full most summer months. So how do you get this shot when you are moving 30 miles per hour? Put it in burst mode, hold on tight and stick it out of the window as high as you can reach. Burst mode allows for continuous shooting and you will need it. I think I shot 100 shots. Most but not all of them have trees in the middle of the mountain and others show the blurs of the guardrails, but there will be a couple like this one that looks like I was standing there when I took this photo.