Get Lost - Patricia Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta

One of the great reasons to visit the Canadian Rockies in June is the abundance of wildlife. The winter has departed (although a brief snow is not unusual) and there are many mothers that have come out of their hibernation with their babies. Then there are the fathers like this one who are reacquainting themselves with their "harem". Our small group had just spent a few hours during sunrise photographing at neighboring Pyramid Lake. It was a stellar morning, with great light that allowed for some awesome photos of Pyramid Mountain and Pyramid Island reflected in the lake.

Leaving Pyramid Lake, we went around the curve to see the end of Patricia Lake and saw this guy surrounded by a number of females. We were able to get some nice photos and after a while, he looked at me, stuck out his tongue as is to say, "We have had enough, now get lost."