Glass Like - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Grand Tetons conjure up visions of rugged mountains rising from the valley floor known as Jackson Hole. The Teton Range in northwest Wyoming dominates the landscape for forty miles. No matter where you are in the National Park, it seems there is a stellar shot to be had showing off wildflowers, forest, lakes and foliage depending when you visit. The names that ring familiar to all photographers are Oxbow Bend, Schwabacher’s Landing and Mormon Row. That is where many of the iconic images are captured. There are, however, so many other spots that are stellar that you can spend lots of time and not get to all of them. One of my favorite spots is from the shoreline of Jackson Lake. With the right conditions, you can capture photos that are the equal of other spots. On this morning, we had great conditions, with the lake taking on a glass-like surface. The scene cried out for a panorama and it turned out like I hoped it would.