Iconic Mesa Arch - Canyonlands, National Park, Utah

Canyonlands National Park conjures up visions of vast landscapes that include canyons, mesas, and buttes. Two major rivers, the Colorado River and the Green River, helped shape this rugged landscape over millions of years. This 527-square mile national park is split into four distinct sections: Islands in the Sky, Needles, Maze and the rivers. There are very few visitors that see any of the areas except for the Islands in the Sky, mainly because it is the most developed part of the park with its proximity to the town of Moab. One of the most popular attractions in this part of this section is Mesa Arch. Requiring a short hike, this arch is a mecca for photographers that want to get the iconic sunrise photo of it as the sun peaks over the distant mountains. The area where photographers can take this image is quite small -- only 10-12 people can squeeze into it. Get there well before dawn to procure a good spot. Otherwise, it is impossible to get the iconic composition.