Glacier Drive By - Glacier National Park, Montana

Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana

Driving along the Going to the Sun road is such a treat. The road is the only paved road in the park (there are only a couple of other roads) and it stretches 50 miles from the west entrance to the east entrance of this amazing national park. The road is quite narrow and takes visitors through the rugged Rocky Mountains, crossing the Continental Divide. It's highest elevation is at Logan Pass at 6,646 feet, which is an extremely popular stop offering all kinds of hiking opportunities.

The road is particularly narrow with two lanes and little guardrails and has quite a number of hairpin turns. It is one of the most difficult roads in the US to plow the snow, often taking 10 weeks to plow up to 80 feet of snow. There have been instances when the road has not been cleared until mid-July. 

For photographers, it is difficult to get many shots, as there are very few pullouts to park along the way. During the peak of summer, the small pullouts can only fit a few cars. To get this photo, I was in the shotgun seat of the car and stuck my camera out the window. I had it on burst mode and probably shot about 150 photos. I knew that traveling at 30 mph, many of the photos would be blurred, have trees in front of the scenes or worse. I also knew that I might get lucky and get a few good shots. This one is one of those lucky ones.