Hard Times - Colfax, Washington

When scouting the Palouse, one of the challenges is determining the best barns to shoot when we go back. During the trip, Jeff Clow and I looked at 88 different barns. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are painted, some are not. Some are in excellent condition while others are in total disrepair, including some that have fallen. Some are close to the road and others can only be shot from a distance. Sometimes it was easy to agree on whether the barn was photography friendly and other times we disagreed. While both of us will not claim to be barn experts, we certainly know a lot more about barns than we did when we started. 

This particular barn and its accompanied shed has fallen on hard times during the years. There is hope for it though. The farmhouse that sits further down the street was being renovated as we drove by, so maybe the barn is to be next on the list. If it does, I don't know whether it will be a better or worse photography subject, but time will tell.