Glass Sails - The Boat Building, Hartford, Connecticut

You might wonder what the title Glass Sails is referring to. This is the "Boat Building" that I shot in downtown Hartford on a photowalk a few years ago. The reason that it has that name is that, from a certain distance and vantage point, it looks like a sailboat in the middle of the city. Its claim to fame is that it is the first two-sided building ever constructed. If viewed from above, it has the shape of a skinny football. 

The building has a personal meaning to me, as I moved from the Philadelphia area to Hartford to work for the company that owned the building. That was 25 years ago and it sometimes seems like yesterday. I had offices in this building, as well as two other satellite locations in New England. It was a fun and exciting time in my career and I worked there for 10 years before moving on for greener pastures. In any case, when I came upon this photo, I was filled with some nostalgia and decided to post it.