The Canyon - Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

One of the things I like about social media is that you see a lot of other people's posts and photos. Many times a particular photo will remind you that you still have plenty of unedited photos that are just waiting for you to take a look at them. That is what happened with this photo of the Grand Canyon. I saw someone's terrific photo (I can remember whose it was) and realized that I still had plenty of photos that haven't seen the light of day from my trip there in 2012.

Sure enough, I had quite a few that warranted some more attention. The Grand Canyon is a difficult place to shoot. It is so immense that trying to get in as much of the landscape as you can in the composition does not give the place merit. There are exceptions to that, such as a dramatic storm with lightning strikes. The other challenge is that for most of the day, shooting into the canyon can result in very hazy photos. In my opinion, sunrise and sunset are the best times to shoot, as the sun is lower in the sky and the angle of light minimizes the haziness. That results in some great shadows that give definition to the landscape.

This shot was taken near sunset near Yavapai Point. I tried not to compose the full canyon in my field of vision, but rather pick a portion of the view in an effort to emphasize the details of the rocks and, at the same time, give the viewer a sense of scale. Hopefully I succeeded.