Grounded - Pryramid Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Sometimes it is fun to come up with a shot that takes a bit of work to get. Pyramid Lake is mere kilometers from downtown Jasper and is a big attraction which serves as the anchor of Pyramid Mountain. Along the shoreline of the lake there is a small secluded section surrounded by forest where several kayaks are tied up on a makeshift dock. I have never been there when the kayaks are in use and I don't know if they are ever used. I've used them as foreground elements many times in the past and planned to do do again. When I got there to do so, my friend John McCaine was already there shooting. I had noticed other boats in stages of disrepair buried in the brush before, so I decided to trail-blaze to see if I could get a shot. After fighting through the brush and getting a few scratches on the way, I found this grounded boat. I had hoped to get a shot of it with Pyramid Mountain as the background, but all I could get was its slope to the right. I was able to get a shot of Pyramid Island in the distance instead.