Iconic Canadian Rockies - Jasper National Park, Alberta

The other day, I posted a photo of Moraine Lake and proclaimed it in a tie with Spirit Island as the most iconic scene of the Canadian Rockies. I thought I would post this photo of Spirit Island and let you make the choice. As you can see, Spirit Island is technically not a island, although during some parts of the year, it is. Spirit Island is located on Maligne Lake and the only way to get there is by boat. That leaves two main choices - rent a kayak and spend most of the day paddling there or sign up for one of the boat tours that take you there. The boat ride itself is worth the trip as you cruise about 35 minutes with the glorious Canadian Rockies towering on all sides of the lake. The cherry on top is spending either 15 or 30 minutes at Spirit Island (depends on the cost of the particular boat ride) and get to photograph the island from below and above. As you can see, it makes a great subject surrounded by the majestic mountains.