Mount Robson View - Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia

Most people think that the Canadian Rockies run through the Province of Alberta. That is true, but a good portion of them also run through British Columbia. In fact, the Canadian Rockies serve as a boundary line between the two provinces. When you want to visit the highest peak in all of the Canadian Rockies, a trip to Mount Robson Provincial Park is in order. Mount Robson towers above the visitor's center almost 13,000 feet above sea level. Next to the visitor's center is an open field that, in June, has beautifully colored lupines that act as a great foreground against the mountain. After shooting in the field for awhile and inadvertently stepping on a large anthill (I literally had ants in my pants), I walked up the stairs to the deck of the Visitor's Center to check out the view. As I reached the upper steps, I saw the deck railing curving away from me and thought that would make an unique composition with Mount Robson as the background.