Hand of God - Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

I am sure that everyone with an imagination has looked up toward the sky and has seen all kinds of different "images" in cloud formations. This same imagination has been applied to the many of the mountains, rock formations, buttes and mesas on the ground. Nowhere is this more true than in the American Southwest, especially Monument Valley. Almost all of the structures in the Valley have a descriptive name and it is often unknown whether the name was originally created by early settlers, the Navajo people or someone else. Mentioning names like "The Mittens", the "Rain God Mesa" or "The Three Sisters" to people who have visited the Valley will conjure up great memories. For the first time visitor, it might be daunting to remember all of the names, but after a few trips through, they become indelible in your mind.  This rock formation is known as "The Hand of God" whose fingers can be seen on the right side of the formation.