Rust and Bullets - Endicott, Washington

If you think that the Palouse is all about rolling landscapes of farmland, barns, abandoned houses and Steptoe Butte, you would be mostly right. The one thing that you might not expect are the old cars that also dot the landscape. Someone once told me that the Palouse is where old cars go to die. The treasure trove is a place where the owner has a replica of a Texaco station along with some awesome collection of cars. The owner used to allow photographers on the property to shoot as long as they made arrangements beforehand and made a small donation. The time I shot this, he spent about a half hour with us talking about his cars. Unfortunately, the owner does not allow anyone on the property anymore due to a very selfish photographer who did not make an advance arrangement and banged on the owner's door at 6am. Just like in other situations, this bad apple gives other photographers a bad name and has ruined an amazing spot for others.