Headed to Sea - Valletta, Malta

I always like to go back into my archives and see what forgotten gems may await me. I tend not to edit every photo that I shoot right away. I will normally go through a few reviews when I get home from a trip. The first review is looking for the obvious: really bad photos and those that jump off the screen. I will delete the bad ones and start editing on the clear winners. My second review is usually a few months later, when I meticulously divide the wheat from the chaff by identifying the photos that I will edit at a future date. Why? Several reasons. First, I want my head to be totally clear from the recent memories of the trip. Second, if I edited all of the "picks' right away, they might have the same look and feel to them. Third, my editing skills and editing software hopefully improve over time and the resulting edited photos will be even better. Lastly, I want to make sure that the photo itself measures up over time.

This is one of those "picks" from our first Mediterranean cruise. We visited the island of Malta, and spent the day touring the island taking in the history, culture and sights. We even spent time overlooking "Popeye's Village" from the 1980 movie starring Robin Williams. After the long day, as the sun began to sink beyond the horizon, we left port, and this was my last look toward the city of Valetta as we headed to sea.