Sand Trap - The Palouse, Colfax, Washington

The weather here in the Northeast is setting record temperatures this month and it almost feels like the Spring. Let's hope that trend continues. Looking at the ground, it is hard to believe it is not covered with white as it usually is this time of year. Everything is green. The only way you would know what time of year it is are the lack of leaves on the trees.

When I saw this photo in my Lightroom catalogue with all of the green that the Palouse has to offer, I thought it would match my mindset this winter. I was wandering around the Palouse on my own and ventured onto Severs Road. This was the scene as I drove down this back road. It reminded me of a sand trap, albeit a very large one, that you would find on a golf course. To realize how big the "sand trap" is, take a look in the upper left and you will see a large farm machine tilling the sand. Hopefully, that will give you a sense of scale of the Palouse landscape.