Heading to the La Sals - Moab, Utah

The American Southwest is famous for its desert scenes and sandstone rock formations. It has been made famous thanks to being featured in countless cowboy movies and television shows. I would guess the majority of people (of a certain age) are reminded of these media creations that take a romantic look back to the era of the Wild West. I know that when I stand on some dirt road  with no one around, my mind takes me back to my childhood when I played cowboys with my friends. What little boy that grew up in the fifties and the sixties wouldn't have wanted to be standing on the dirt road I was on when I shot this photo? The orange color of the dirt and rock formations that permeate the southwest, along with the snow-capped La Sal Mountains in the distance and the blue sky, is a virtual time machine to the days long ago. I almost hear the hooves of the calvary horses in the distance ready to appear at the end of this dirt road.