Artisan's Barn - Uniontown, Washington

The Palouse is home to many types of barns that dot this landscape of farms, but the one that  stands out from the rest is the Artisans at the Dahmen Barn. Located near the southernmost edge of the Palouse, you notice from the distance that its white color is in stark contrast to the area's red and brown barns. The closer you get, you realize that you have never quite seen a fence like this, constructed with over 1,000 wheels.  As you pull into the parking lot, you realize that this is no ordinary barn. It is home to some very original art made by local artisans that is on display and for sale. The barn also houses several studios where artisans can create their masterpieces. The studios are also used to conduct classes on creating art.

The barn was built in 1935 for Jack Dahmen, who used it as part of his commercial dairy operation for 18 years. He sold it to his nephew Steve and his wife, who had interests in the arts. Steve began building the wheel fence over the course of 30 years. In 2004, Steve donated the barn to a local non-profit organization with the stipulation that it be put to a community use that evolved into its present day operation.