Reflection - Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

The title of this post has dual meanings. The obvious one is as a description of this scene. Pre-sunrise light was just beginning to light up the lake, creating silhouettes of the trees with corresponding reflections in the smooth-as-glass waters of the lake. The other meaning is not part of the scene but rather a side effect of the scene. As I walk to this spot, the glow of the sun is nowhere to be seen. I needed a headlamp to find my way to the lakeshore. I haven't seen any sign of life either on the road or on my walk down to the waters edge. The silence all around me is deafening. There are no sounds to be heard which make my thoughts seem more clear to me. There is great clarity in my mind. I am not really thinking about the photos I am about to take. Instead, I am reflecting on how lucky I am to be here. Alone with nature. Realizing that I am just a small cog in this wonderful world we live in and being able to partake fully in its beauty this particular morning. I think of all of the paths that I took in my life that led me to this spot.  No distractions anywhere this morning but taking in Mother Nature's beauty. Soon my thoughts will change. I'll starting thinking about composing my photos as the horizon begins to light up. I'll think about photography things when the sun begins its daily rise into the sky. I'll wonder how the majestic mountain out of sight on my left will light up. But that will be in a few minutes. For now, I am still reflecting on the mysteries of life as I stand on the shoreline of Reflection Lake.