Howling Dog - Bandon, Oregon

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of the sea stack known as the Wizard's Hat. Many of Bandon's sea stacks have unique names attached to them, such as Face Rock, Howling Dog, Elephant Rock and Table Rock to name a few. Other than Face Rock and Wizard's Hat, the one I wanted to capture was Howling Dog. I might still be looking for it wasn't for the hotel clerk who checked me in. She mentioned that Wizard's Hat and Howling Dog were actually the same stack. Sure enough, when I approached the stack from the south, I took this photo that clearly (at least to me) resembles a dog sitting on his hind quarters, ears hanging beside his head with its mouth raised high as if howling. I hope that you can see the resemblance, as looking at some of these rock formations is like looking at the clouds -- everybody sees something different. 

The clouds and light that evening were really great and I was lucky to get a big wave hitting what I believe is Elephant Rock in the background. For all of the bad weather we had on our trip, landscape photographers would trade it for one night like this.