Homestead - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

John Moulton Homestead, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Imagine that you decide to move west to Wyoming. You pack up all of your belongings into covered wagons that are more than likely powered by oxen. You brave the sweltering heat of summer and try to stay warm on those frigid nights on the plains. Along the way you see the beauty of the American landscape, but with that beauty comes a ruggedness that many will not overcome. Finally you reach your destination with the magnificent Grand Tetons of the Rockies as your backdrop. You think about relaxing, but no, housing has to be built and food and water needs to be found. Somehow, you survive and raise a family in this location.

These are my fictional thoughts of what might have happened as I compose photos of the John Moulton Homestead. I wonder if I would have survived such a trip without a supermarket to buy food from, a car to get around, a computer to find out what is going on, electricity to power all of my modern conveniences, etc (the list goes on and on). Probably not, but standing in front of these remaining houses and barns with the majestic mountains in the background, I think I might have tried. Just think of waking up every morning and seeing what Mother Nature would have in store for me. I guess for me, shooting photos in this wonderful place is a trip through time that leaves me wondering what really happened.