From the Rocks - Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde, Maine

I have visited Marshall Point Lighthouse a few times, but I had never shot it at sunrise or sunset. I always wanted to, but my visits in the past were on family vacations with non-photographers. On our Maine Photo Tour, I resolved that I would shoot at both times, as I thought that the light would be great (I wasn't wrong). Every time I have visited this light, I have never seen it with the tide in (I still haven't). I would like to some day, but, with the tide fully out on this evening, we were able to scramble on the rocks to get some unique views of the lighthouse. Not only that, there were some great puddles left by the tide that enabled us to get some terrific reflection shots. This is one of the puddles that my buddy Rad Alzyoud found. Not only did it give us a great reflection, it also gave us an extremely unique composition, one that I had never seen before. I think it is only possible when the tide is fully out.