Winter is Coming - Little Long Pond, Mt Desert Island, Maine

I know, stealing a favorite line from Game of Thrones is lame, but coming up with titles for these images can be challenging. Since I was a big fan of Game of Thrones well before the it aired on HBO, I feel like I can do so. Anyway, there is no doubt that fall is my favorite season of the year. The golden colors of the leaves are magical when you see them at their peak color. It is funny that just when the peak color hits, within a day or two the color is gone and the ground is covered with a blanket of dead leaves. I particularly liked this leaf, as it still had some great color, and the frost left some great looking details on it.

When we were shooting at Little Long Pond just outside Acadia NP, winter was waking up. It was pretty cold (a high of 40 degrees in mid-October) with a pretty steady wind. As some of us walked around the lake, we spotted that some of the leaves on the ground were showing some frost.