Iconic - Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, California

What do you think of when some one asks about San Francisco? I'll bet that the Golden Gate Bridge comes to mind. Every city seems to have a defining iconic symbol that somehow conveys what it is known for. For the city by the bay it is this bridge. The bridge is considered by many to be the most beautiful and most photographed bridge in the US, if not the world. Try finding a travel guide or website that doesn't have its image prominently displayed. 

I traveled to San Francisco often during my working career. I think one year I was there ten times on business trips, and I would often head down to the bridge and hope the fog would roll in. It is an amazing experience to see the bridge clearly, and then within a few minutes, it would be gone. Unfortunately, those trips were before my passion for photography was reignited. How I wish that I had brought a camera with me. Of course, this was before the iPhone was invented. Whenever I now travel to San Fran, a camera and a stop near the bridge is mandatory. This photo was taken from the Sausalito side of the bridge from Fort Point State Park. It was taken toward the end of rush hour one evening a few years ago.