Exploring Monument Valley - Navajo Nation

Monument Valley, Navajo Nation, Utah/Arizona Border

As you read this, I am flying out west to visit one of my favorite places in the US, namely Monument Valley. It is located on the border of Arizona and Utah and is part of the Navajo Nation. Almost all of you have seen Monument Valley, even though you may never have set foot there. The valley has appeared in countless movies, commercials, music videos and print media. It is the quintessential location that screams the US west. Monument Valley has quite a number of sandstone rock formations, whose orange color seems to perfectly contrast with the blue sky. Many of the bigger formations have special names that either depict what the formations look like or represent a spiritual meaning to the Navajo people.

The most exciting part of this trip is that I get to share it with some special friends, namely Jaki Good Miller and Jeff Clow. Jaki has never been to Monument Valley and I am sure that she will love it as much as I do. After our visit, we are heading to Moab to participate in Jeff's Moab Photo Tour, where I will be meeting quite a number of other old friends.