Wilson Mesa Ranch - Telluride, Colorado

I always enjoy looking back through my thousands of photos and taking another look at some of the places I have been. More importantly, I remember the people I was with and the fun we had together. When I came across this photo of Wilson Mesa ranch outside of Telluride, the memories of shooting with Rick Louie and Chris Nitz came back to me. Rick conducts a photo tour in Colorado, and, if you are looking to catch some Colorado foliage, look him up - you won't regret it. 

If memory serves me right, this shot was taken near the end of the tour and we were sort of outrunning a storm. We spotted this scene from the road and spent quite a lot of time shooting it. After taking quite a number of shots, I didn't feel like I was capturing the full scene, so I shot this panorama that better captures what my eyes were seeing. It was a great end to the day, although when we got to Telluride, we took an interesting gondola ride through the rain and lightning, but that is a story for another post.