Jasper Bound - Icefield Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta

After a few weeks of posting photos from the American Southwest, I thought it time to move on to another favorite place today, Alberta. Many visitors to Banff National Park head north to explore the Icefields Parkway and some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever see. Most of them never get past the Columbia Icefield, where they can walk onto the Athabasca Glacier (it is something that you should do at least once). For those that don't continue, they are missing some prime sights on the parkway the rest of the way to Jasper. The Canadian Rockies are just as beautiful in Jasper National Park as their brethren in Banff. As you drive up this 140-mile road, you see vistas that make you pull over and photograph them, like I did in this photo. Without stopping, one could probably do the drive in about three hours. For photographers like me, it is an all-day affair with a stop seemingly every mile or so.