Road to the Valley - Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

Every landscape photographer that I talk to about Monument Valley remembers the first time that they visited and took photos. I know I remember mine. As you approach from the north, you begin to see the unique rock formations in the distance. It is pretty cool looking, as the land is relatively flat and you see these things sticking in the air. Your first thought is to wonder if it is real or a mirage. The closer you get, you realize that these are huge formations. Then you hit Mile Marker 13 where I took this photo. The road dips down and then rises to the valley. It is quite the awesome experience to appreciate what Mother Nature has created.

This spot has been shot a million times and, after my visit,  a million and one (or fifty). Most photos show a wider field of vision and are shot from the middle of the road. I chose on this one to zoom a bit and take it from the side of the road. Regardless of the composition, it is quite the view.