Leaning - Colfax, Washington

When I was scouting the Palouse last week with Jeff Clow, I was hoping to come across this house again that I had shot in 2015. I wasn't sure where it exactly was, but the map I was using delivered me to the right road and there it was. When I shot it last, the sky was overcast and was completely a monotone white. This visit was a little after sunrise, and what a different look it has with blue skies and golden hour light. 

Since my last visit, I have learned a little more about this abandoned house. It turns out that it was built in 1885 (according to another photographer) and was actually a one-room schoolhouse named the Skeen School. The schoolhouse had a bell tower on its roof and, if you see the other side of it, you can see where the roof was patched where it once was. I haven't been able to find out any more information on it. I would love to know its history. It is currently used for storage and it looks like it could fall any day. That being said, when I was searching for information on it, the main thing I found were lots of other photographers posting photos of it wondering if it would survive a harsh winter. These musings date back at least 10 years, so it seems that the schoolhouse is resilient.