Nestled - Pullman, Washington

After a photo tour in Glacier National Park, Jeff Clow and I headed to the Palouse to scout out over 200 locations. I had visited the park last year, and Jeff had always wanted to go to but hadn't yet. He has been inundated with requests from his alumni to host a tour there, but he needed to see what it was all about. I wasn't sure what to expect when we got there, as I had only been there in the late spring when everything is all shades of green. We were hoping to catch the harvest in the Palouse, but we weren't sure if we timed it right. Happily, the harvest was still happening although we might have gotten there when it was half over.

I must say that I was in for a shock when I first set my eyes on it. All of the shades of greenery were gone and were replaced with more of a monotone color. As the scouting trip went on, I got used to the change in color and fell in love with the landscape all over again. Just like the spring, the light plays such an important part in showing the Palouse at its best. The undulating hills create these terrific shadows, which really add a three-dimensional look to the landscape. I particularly loved scenes like this, where the farm is nestled in among the mounds and hills.