Light at the End of the Pier - Venice, Florida


A #WE35 Photo shot as part of the Photo Frontier's 2015 exploration of the 35mm field of view.

Venice Fishing Pier, Venice, Florida

The first morning of our trip to Florida to escape the winter found me in Venice, Florida. Wasn't planned that way, but the first of many major snow storms was scheduled to hit on the day we were flying from Connecticut. A three-hour long wait time on the phone (seems like everyone in the northeast was doing the same thing as me) proved to be worth it, as I was able to get out of town a day early. Where to stay was the only thing up in the air. I picked Venice, as a friend of mine had told me it was a nice place. Just before I headed out of town, I did an image search and saw that there was a fishing pier that might be worth a pre-dawn visit.

Anxious to start a field report for the WE35, I was equipped with my Fuji 23mm (35mm equivalent) and my XT-1. After setting up and taking a few test shots, I realized that I had to zoom with my feet instead of with a zoom lens. I wasn't sure if the light would even appear under the pier, but I figured it was worth a try. A little patience paid off as the light began to shine through the top of the pier. I decided to shoot long exposures, as I didn't want the waves distracting from the light at the end of the pier.