The Balcony - Newport, Rhode Island

The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island

This is an image that I shot quite a few years ago when I visited Newport. It is the balcony of the Breakers, which is the biggest of the mansions along Cliff Walk. The mansion boasts 125,000 square feet of space ("only" 62,500 square feet of living area), and was used by the Vanderbilt family as a summer cottage. Unfortunately, photography of any kind is prohibited and is strictly enforced (I dared to shoot a photo looking out a window and was told politely to stop (I did). The only place where photography is allowed is outside on this balcony.

This has always been one of my favorites, but I thought it needed a facelift as my editing and software programs have improved quite a bit since I first edited it. So here is the "new and improved" (at least I hope) version.