Many Glacier - Glacier National Park, Montana

Mount Grinnell

I am still going through the photos that I shot last year and I am starting to make a little dent in them. As I go through my 2016 photos (probably over 25,000), they bring back so many memories of the locations I was fortunate to have been able to visit and the many friends I was able to shoot with. Memories come back quickly with almost each photo. I also remember the many days when Mother Nature shut us out (I try not to remember them) and the days when we were blessed by Mother Nature. The must be a scientific equation out there that tells us how many bad days are forgotten when you get one great day. My unscientific conclusion is probably 4-5 times.

In any case, this morning that I spent at Many Glacier Hotel with Jeff Clow was certainly one of the great days for me. The sunrise was simply amazing, lighting up the majestic Mount Grinnell and its surrounding mountains with the soft light you dream to get. On this morning, the wind was a bit strong, creating some serious ripples in Swiftcurrent Lake. Fortunately, this little section of the lakeshore was surrounded by a wall of stones giving me some still water so that Grinnell's mountaintop was reflected perfectly.