Rising Above - Sanibel Island Light, Sanibel, Florida

Just about time for my annual visit to Florida to escape the New England winter for a short time. I never thought that I would become a part-time "snowbird". For those of you who don't live in the Northeast, snowbirds refer to the many people (usually retired) that flock to Florida to escape the winter cold. Truth be told, the winter here in New England has been quite nice. Not a lot of snow and the temperatures have not been bad at all (of course, I just jinxed us). Over the past few years, we have visited many parts of Florida to see which areas we like the best, looking forward to some time in the future when we become full-time "snowbirds" in the winter months. Our favorite so far are the many towns on the western coast of Florida (we have yet to visit the panhandle). This trip we will be visiting Sanibel Island for a short time and I will get an opportunity to visit some of my favorite stops there like the Sanibel Island Light, pictured here.