Pyramid Island - Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

I have posted a number of photos from the town of Jasper. The town is located within the borders of Jasper National Park, which was recognized as a national park in 1930. The town itself was only recognized as a municipality 71 years later in 2001. The town's southern border begins at the northern terminus of the iconic Icefields Parkway. It is surrounded by two mountain ranges and one mountain to the north. To the west of Jasper, the Victoria Cross Ranges provides a border. To the east, the Maligne Range provides another border. To the north, Pyramid Mountain forms the third border.

Pyramid Mountain, pictured in this photo, is quite close to the town (approximately 6 miles from the center of Jasper). It is an easy place to visit and it almost seems that it is part of the town. As you approach the mountain, it seems that everything here is named Pyramid. In the photo, the mountain is reflected in Pyramid Lake. That man-made walkway leads to, you guessed it, Pyramid Island. The island is quite nice, but I prefer to capture it from the eastern lakeshore where you can get a great view of all three. If you have a good sunrise like I had on this morning, the whole scene seems magical.