Million Dollar Foliage - San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Living in New England for the past twenty five years, I have seen my share of beautiful Autumn scenes. The colors that I can see right outside my door range from brilliant yellows to oranges to reds and every shade in between are downright amazing. I didn't think that I would see any scenes as beautiful as the ones in New England. A few years ago, I discovered I was wrong. While the colors of New England still can't be beat, I found that having the rugged Rocky Mountains as a backdrop more than made up for the range of color. That is especially true of the 25-mile section of US Route 550 in between Silverton and Our Colorado. Known by many as the "Million Dollar Highway", it is one of the most spectacular drives in the world. I had been on this road quite a number of times over the years and thought how beautiful it was, it wasn't until I saw it during the peak foliage season did I realize how stunning it could be.