Two Jack Sunrise - Banff National Park, Alberta

Being a landscape photographer, there are three things that are sacred to me: mountains, lakes and reflections.  I have posted extensively about Banff, as it is one of my favorite places on Earth. I have been there four times and would visit there every year if I could (it is now running at every other year with a visit this upcoming June). There are so many beautiful lakes in the area, but, this one stellar and is the most convenient to get to being right outside the town of Banff. .

When I captured this photo a few years ago, my buddy Jeff Clow and I visited Two Jack every day, and the lake was always rippled with no reflection to be found. We had said goodbye the night before, and I was headed to Jasper National Park and Jeff was headed home. I decided to make one last stop at the lake, and the photography gods were smiling upon me as I came upon the scene in the photo. My only wish was that Jeff was able to see the reflection of Mount Rundle. I found out later that he too visited the lake a couple of hours later, and was able to capture its beauty reflected in the water.