Morning Glory - Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine

It has been a long time since I have posted a photo of a lighthouse. I have had a love affair with them and often go out of my way to visit them when I can. This photo is one of my favorites that I have taken in Maine as it brings back memories of the trip that I shared with my son in 2011. He had written a screenplay in which a lighthouse was key to the story. He wanted to scout a lot of the lighthouses in New England to see if there were any that he might consider as location for a movie short. 

One of first stops was the iconic Portland Head Light. Many believe that this is the crown jewel of the Maine Coast. When we got to the location, I was amazed that there was only one other person there - a news cameraman. He was there to film the sunrise for the news station's opening for the morning news. In essence, we owned the area. I have been back to this location many times since and have a few images that are better than this one, but photos are more than being technically correct. Photos that elicit emotions and memories are more important to those who view them and this one does it for me.