Reynolds Mountain Panorama - Glacier National Park, Montana

Logan Pass is probably the favorite destination of visitors to Glacier National Park. Located on the Continental Divide, it is home to the park's Visitors Center. If you plan to visit, make sure that you get there before 10am, as the parking lot gets full and stays that way most of the day. The Visitors Center is also the place where two of Glacier's most popular hikes originate. The Hidden Lake trail is the most popular and climbs past Mount Reynolds to an overlook that shows the picturesque Hidden Lake below. Most visitors stop there and then head back to the Visitors Center. You are almost guaranteed to encounter mountain goats at the overlook. The other trail, the Highline Loop, is my favorite, as it travels along the Continental Divide with meadows and wildflowers. There is a portion along the Garden Wall where those with a fear of heights might have some issues. It is not a long section but only one person can pass. There is a cable for those who need a handhold to make it through. Regardless of which hike interests you, Logan Pass is amazingly beautiful.