No Tears Here - Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

Did you ever view a photograph that captured your imagination and all you wanted to do is go there and experience it with your own eyes? To me that is what makes a great photo when you move someone else with your art. Back in 2000, I ordered a bunch of travel guides for possible places to visit someday. On the cover of the Utah travel guide, there was a photo of Tear Drop Arch. It was in this place named Monument Valley and I had never seen it before (granted this was before photos on the internet was where it is today). I resolved myself that I would take that photo someday.

In 2004, my son and I headed to Utah for two weeks of exploring, hiking and photography. We hired a Navajo Guide and told him that we wanted to end up at Tear Drop Arch. Turns out that the arch is not in Monument Valley proper (although what you see through it is). It sits way up above the high school, and a jeep and a Navajo Guide is required. The experience was spiritual and I try to get back as often as I can. I took this photo in 2012 on my last visit there. In a few short weeks, I hope to be standing in this same spot with two of my great friends hoping that they feel the same about this location.