Off to See the Wizard - Hollywood Studios, Florida

Hollywood Studios, Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

After spending a week on Florida's east coast, we are headed to Disney World for a couple of days. Disney World has been a go-to trip over the past few years, where we catch up with old friends, relax and eat some great meals. We will also act like kids again and jump on a few rides. One of the fun things to do when we are there is to people watch. It always amazes me what people will wear when in the confines of this place. It is also cool to watch children's excitement when they are there anticipating everything. You sometimes see the same kids near the end of the day passed out from all of the day's fun.

This shot was taken on the Great Movie Ride in Disney's Hollywood Studios. I am sure that we will see quite a few wizards when we are there, at least lots of people wearing wizard hats.