On the Beach - Boulder Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine

Boulder Beach is my favorite sunrise location in Acadia National Park. Getting there takes a little work and an ability to walk on unsteady footing. After scrambling down a steep incline, you are faced with walking on these round boulders that can be tricky to stay upright on (I have taken a spill in the past). The challenge is not only walking on rounded rocks, but also not knowing which ones are loose and which ones are slick from being wet. Despite these challenges, the payoff is worth it.

I have shot from this location many times, and it is hard to get new compositions, especially when there are lots of photographers already staked out. Fortunately, there were only a few photographers there before us and we were able to get into some good positions. I wanted to be able to get to a position with a good angle of the Otter Cliffs as the rising sun lights them up as well as the boulders on the beach giving off a wet glow.