Walk on the Beach - Bandon, Oregon

Living on the east coast, I have walked on my share of beaches before and enjoyed each one. Of all of my beach walks in the U.S., this one ranks in the top ten--Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint, which lies well above the beach overlooking some of the most iconic sea stacks on the Oregon Coast. To the left of the parking lot, there are steps that lead down to the beach. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and head up the beach. If you continue to walk to the end of the beach at the South Jetty, you will pass sea stacks with famous names: Face Rock, Howling Dog/Wizard's Hat, Cat and Kittens Rock and Table Rock are just a few. About halfway, you will pass under Coquille Point and, if you continue to the South Jetty, you will see the Coquille River Lighthouse across the river on the North Jetty. For those who want to get a high level view, there is a flat, open trail leaving the Face Rock parking lot where you can get more of an aerial view of the landmarks with plenty of beaches. My recommendation is to walk the beach to the end and return on the trail. You won't forget the walk.