Point Cabrillo Light - Mendocino, California

I love lighthouses and seek them out whenever I am traveling. In September, we drove down the coast of Oregon and Northern California and I was able to visit and photograph a number of them. Of course, the best time to photograph lighthouses is either after sunrise or before sunset but, when you are on a 1,000 drive on the coast, it is impossible to visit each one during those times.

As we neared the town of Mendocino, our stop for the night, we decided to visit Point Cabrillo and visit its lighthouse. The point was surveyed for the light in the 1870s but wasn't built until 1909 after experiencing several shipwrecks. It was retired in 1973 and has undergone two major restorations. 

Getting to the light requires a half mile hike that takes you past several buildings that include cottages that can be rented by the public. Once you reach the light, you get wonderful views of the California coastline and the Pacific Ocean. The bonus from the point is observing the whales that are just passing by.