Serene - Lake Sabrina, Bishop, California

The Eastern Sierras, like many mountain ranges, have many beautiful mountain lakes that are picturesque in many ways. One of the things I learned was that this whole area of eastern California is a mecca for fisherman. This particular lake was man-made, created in 1908 by the damming up of the middle fork of Bishop Creek and is a beautiful spot to photograph. A little tidbit is that Apple's newest operating system, High Sierra, has Lake Sabrina as its wallpaper.

When we first got to the lakes, we saw a small marina and walked along the length of the dam to get some decent angles of the lake. The water was quite rough and getting a reflection was almost impossible. As I walked back toward the marina, I noticed that the water close to these boats were sheltered and thus provided a nice reflection. When I sat down to edit this photo, I remember how serene it was as I took in the scene and composed my photo.